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The basis for our youth-friendly solutions  ReBrilliance starburst

A "winning" worldview: lifelong achievement, success, happiness. That's our goal.

In our programs, kids learn that winning or losing at life is a matter of choice and as a result experience tremendous encouragement and hope. Winning and losing are behavior patterns. Winning behaviors lead to success, happiness, achievement and many of the things we want for our children, while losing behaviors often lead to failure, disappointment and unhappiness. It's as simple as that. And that's what we teach children.

confident girlA child's behavior is a reflection of how he or she sees the world. If we want to have a lasting impact on a child's behavior, we must impact his or her worldview. Especially when it comes to adversity.

To do this, we use research-based, time-tested and youth-friendly educational strategies in all of our offerings. ReBrilliance programs place a high priority on proactively equipping children with the internal resources necessary to overcome adversity so that when life's tough times strike they are prepared and able to overcome. For children and young adults already living with challenging circumstances this is especially important.

Impacting a child's worldview, and in turn their behavior and achievement, involves helping him or her acquire and internalize four teachable factors.

High Expectations, Dreams and Aspirations. The internal hunger and desire to excel and stretch for dreams and aspirations rooted in the desire to do one's best with one's best. Positive Orientation to Challenge and Adversity. The internal response to challenge described as confident, persistent and courageous.
Internal Locus of Control. Agency, one's ability to exercise choice and intent in the building of one's life.
Even in the direst of circumstances, choice is found in how one chooses to respond to those circumstances.
Personal Affirmation Derived From at Least One Relationship with a Positive Adult Role Model. The intrinsic sense of personal value, worth and affirmation gained by a child from a positive relationship with at least one adult role model.

The Nine Winning Practices™ Model  ReBrilliance starburst

Nine Winning Practices logoThe Nine Winning Practices Model is our youth-friendly strategy for helping kids internalize the four factors described above. (Kids don't really respond well to discussions about having an "Internal Locus of Control", or a "Positive Orientation to Challenge and Adversity"!)

Coupled with our definitions of winning (knowing you've done your best with your best) and losing (the wasteful squandering of your talents and abilities), and applied using various techniques such as goal setting and character analysis, the Nine Winning and Losing Practices are used to effectively teach children about building successful futures.

The Nine Winning and Losing Practices:

The youth-friendly program engine for ReBrilliance solutions

To order this poster (available in small and large sizes) and learn about other Nine Winning Practices products and merchandise, please click here to request a catalog, or call 877-9WINNING!

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The youth-friendly program engine for ReBrilliance solutions
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